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Monday, March 12, 2007

So I finally watched it the night before last. Don't read all those pompous reviews which seek to cast the film as racist and almost neo-Nazi for various reasons. Forget the political message the movie conveys unintentionally - watch it for the style, the gorgeous cinematography, the sepia tones and revel in atavistic tribalism at the Spartans' triumphs. What kind of fool would take this kind of movie for a moral/historical/political lesson and decide that eugenics is good (the Spartans kill all unhealthy babies) or that Persia stands for tyranny and mysticism and so on? One can read such messages even from Tolkein's garbage verbiage (the white elves represent all that is Good and the disfigured, black Orcs represent Evil). Just take a break and enjoy 300 for all the visual artistry, the testosterone-pumping background score and the great narrative.


At 10:44 PM, March 12, 2007, Anonymous Rajat said...

Bang on target. People should occasionally take a break from armchair activism.

At 11:58 AM, March 13, 2007, Blogger Lalbadshah said...

The 'testosterone pumping score' is a piece by Nine Inch nails called 'Just like you Imagined'. Good shit..

And yeah, I hate it when ppl can't appreciate a movie for its entertainment value and start cringing about how historical facts were distorted or about how the script is way off the original book.

Anyways, here's what I have 'written' (ccp'ed) ;) about it..

At 12:08 PM, March 13, 2007, Blogger Venu said...

thanks for the nine inch nails lead. Listening to it off youtube

At 9:54 AM, April 10, 2007, Blogger Azhar said...

Loved the movie too, its a treat to watch. But some communities are hurt by distortion of historical facts and are free to object to the apparent sinful portrayal of certain characters. It affects some, it doesn't affect some. Always an issue with any art form. But, what the heck!!


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