u Notes from the Underground: In which I gaze at my navel..

In which I gaze at my navel..

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Figuratively, of course.

But it's all the Lalbadshah's fault.

I am thinking about: whether I like a laptop or a desktop better. Which one should I buy?

I want to: watch Roger Federer live, preferably at the Wimbledon. I am going to start saving seriously now.

I wish for a boxful of Simpsons DVDs. Oh, and I also wish for all these things. No, more relevantly, I wish I had the time to read all these, without affecting my 15 credit hour 10-week quarter, and without losing touch with more of my friends and without missing any more good movies, and without missing my "daily workout" (heh) and without missing updating my blog regularly and blah blah blah.

I hear: fingers tapping on keyboards at the computer centre I am in. (check out the cool map.)

I wonder why I wonder. (Ok, that was copied from Feynman.) Or how I wonder.

I regret: hmm.. no regrets right now.. I am fully charged and optimistic. (Although I might regret a few years later that I went for a PhD :) )

"I" am: the sense of continuity and unity that a set of neurons frantically maintain so that "I" can "focus my attention" on those aspects of the environment that need to be processed and "thought about". "I" am a fiction that some genes have found it useful to construct in order to process information more efficiently which can ultimately help perpetuate themselves further. But am "I" fictitious, really? "I" am real enough within "myself" - in fact, nothing is more real to "me" than "myself". The world just plays itself out in the theatre that is "I".

(Update: This stuff is mostly inspired by this fantastic anthology I read some time back - The Mind's I. Read the Wikipedia article on the book. Also, don't take the above stuff too seriously.)

I hate sycophants. Just to clarify, I also hate wife-beaters and the like , although I dont completely agree with this interesting story about wife-beaters.

I dance: with my eyebrows knit, looking a little like George Bush, apparently. Needless to say, I also dance pretty bad.

I sing with a distinct nasal tone. I think its because I thought Kumar Sanu was the coolest singer in the world when I was young, and tried singing like him for a lot of time, and now am stuck with a nasal tone. Apparently I even talk with a nasal twang.

I cry when I see some kinds of sentimental movies, even though the rational part of my brain is all "what the crap is going on in this movie!" I cried when watching Black, that Rani Mukherjee movie where she plays a blind girl, all the while thinking what a cheesy and manipulative movie this was.

I am not always: so pretentious.

I write: so I can look back at all this ten years down the road and laugh at myself.

I confuse: Koreans, Chinese and Japanese. I thought distinguishing them would be easy before I came to OSU (implicitly), but now that I had the chance to test myslf with larger samples (the campus just brims with Asians - Mongoloids outnumbering Indians by maybe 3 to 1), I find that I do no better than chance. Test yourself if you are too confident about your abilities, I bet you would find it tougher than you imagined. Once they talk you can figure out better - if they struggle with their English, they are probably Chinese or Japanese (but there are quite a few exceptions ofcourse.)

I am: done!

Any reader who wants to be tagged, can consider themselves tagged. Heh. Aint I clever? Or maybe I am pathetic. Whatever.


At 5:53 PM, September 14, 2006, Blogger Lalbadshah said...

dude! nice one :)!
Tag someone..spread the virus please!

At 9:36 PM, September 14, 2006, Blogger kuffir said...

what's all that about..in answer to the "i" am query.. about neurons and genes ?

At 10:00 PM, September 14, 2006, Blogger Venu said...

I was trying to give a materialistic explanation of Self and Conscious Experience. I have also just added an update there.

At 12:32 PM, September 15, 2006, Anonymous Santosh G N said...

I think you should consider a laptop. Its much more convenient than a desktop. I would personally vote for ibook G4.

At 12:06 AM, September 17, 2006, Anonymous Venu said...

Santosh:I'll probably buy an Apple MacBook, coz I could have windows too on that. Many programs which don't have apple versions and some of the software our dept buys for us will probably be windows only stuff.


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