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Post - farewell blues

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Am in Atlanta now. The roads are wide, the houses are big, the trees are tall and I am wiping my bum instead of washing it.


At 6:52 PM, August 24, 2006, Blogger Gubbi said...

so u can't wash even if you want to? :O

At 11:51 PM, August 24, 2006, Anonymous Venu said...

No. its not easy, at any rate.

At 12:27 PM, August 28, 2006, Blogger Lalbadshah said...

oh.. the bastards don't have the hand faucet thingy around?

At 6:44 PM, August 28, 2006, Anonymous Venu said...


At 9:42 AM, August 29, 2006, Blogger Saturday Night Takeout said...

You can't really expect much from a country that calls its native people "Red Indians".

Get yourself some tools and install the hand shower. I think it'll be worth it.

PS- Apparently there are some 16 varieties of coke available tin Atlanta. A drug addict's dream come true :P (So I'm punny, sue me)

At 9:50 AM, August 29, 2006, Anonymous Venu said...

pi, that one is going into the pj canon.

about the hand shower, maybe i'll do it once i move into my own apartment in columbus. yea, it would be worth it :), but then again the owners wouldn't like it very much.

At 10:12 AM, September 01, 2006, Blogger Mukka said...

Hey Venu!
Reached safe and sound, body and soul, I presume :)
A post on Ohio is due, but then there's plenty of time, I guess.

At 6:02 PM, September 01, 2006, Anonymous Venu said...

Both my body and soul are intact, yes. :) I havent reached Ohio yet. Got to Kansas yesterday to my brother's place. Will be posting soon.


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