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Friday, June 23, 2006

What if Microsoft designed the iPod package? (link via Rory Blyth, who has a humongous post about the recent changes in MS and what it needs to do. Too lengthy, I say.)


The best Dilbert strip for sometime now. Incidentally, if you dont use a feed reader, the unofficial Dilbert feed is a good reason to start using one. You can find lots of other comic strips' feeds here. Here's a good PJ from Jesus and Mo.


Net neutrality could neuter the Net, and I am sympathetic with this view, no doubt because of confirmation bias. Here's a good summary of the economics of net neutrality. I've already said my position is libertarian on this issue, but I still am curious to understand what Lawrence Lessig, one of the best known experts on the topic and a net neutrality proponent is exactly saying about this. He's written voluminous books on this and related topics, but I cant seem to find clear summaries of his arguments w.r.t. net neutrality. I just read the preface of his "Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace" (you can read the whole book there), and I cant share his paranoia.


That sidebar profile makes me feel stupid everytime I look at it, and yet I cant drag my ass to change it. What the hell is that first sentence supposed to mean? Why is it so weirdly constructed? WTF is the epigraph of my blog trying to say anyway?


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