u Notes from the Underground: RSS Salvation, at last

RSS Salvation, at last

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

After some painful market research, I think I can safely say that Newsgator is the best online feed reader around. It has great folder management, (with drag-and-drop); you have a link which you can add to your bookmarks toolbar (in Firefox) and which automatically subscribes you to the site/blog you are currently viewing (provided you are logged in); and their display is aesthetically pleasing. Great stuff.

Earlier, I had tried out Bandit,( which is decent but is a winodws desktop app, meaning you cant access it from different comps and thats a great disadvantage); Google reader (which was pretty, but pathetic beneath its prettiness; slow, dim-witted regarding folders; but, in time, by putting the right functionalities in the right places on the screen, it can be Gmail-level) and Bloglines (which seemed like everybody's favourite, but again it had non-existent folder management).


At 6:59 PM, January 20, 2006, Blogger De-Scribe said...

Have you tried Thunderbird. The feeds comes right in your inbox.

At 7:20 PM, January 20, 2006, Blogger Venu said...

Yes, I have. But I already mentioned the disadvantage with desktop apps; I cant access them when I'm gone home, or from internet cafes.

And dude, I tried reading your blog a few times, but I find the background-font combination grates on my eyes. If you dont want to ditch the background, you might want to check out Pi's blog, which too has a black bg, but doesnt feel so tough on the eyes. Reading you from my feed-reader feels much better. ;-)

At 4:43 PM, January 21, 2006, Blogger De-Scribe said...

Will make it better. Cheers!


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